Customized Training
It is our experience that the best value for companies is customized training. We offer the following cost-effective options:
Two-day Site-Survey and Training
Day One:
A thorough review of your company processes and procedures. Includes meeting with HR, IT, Shipping & Receiving, and other business areas.
Day Two:
Customized training incorporating lessons learned from Day One
One-day On-Site Training
Covers general ITAR/Commerce information.
Addresses industry/client-specific issues.
Unlimited number of attendees, very cost-effective.
Intranet-based Continuing Education
Sample site access available so you can visualize how it all works — ask us about it.
HTML can be hosted on our servers or transferred to yours.
Proven system features resource materials customized for you.
Study guides and testing -- all confidentially online.
Tests are automatically graded, date/time-stamped and sent to a cumulative record accessible only to your empowered officials.
Study materials and tests can be updated & tailored as you see fit.
Perfect both for new employees and for the required annual refresher training.
Sample site access available so you can visualize how it all works.