Customized Training
It is our experience that the best value for companies is customized training. We offer the following cost-effective options:
Two-day Site-Survey + Customized Training
Back on October 15, 2013, the ECR began taking effect with the USML categories for Aircraft and Engines. Most parts and components, and even entire aircraft and engine systems, have now moved their licensing jurisdiction from the State Department to the Commerce Department, from the USML to the CCL. This continued with vessels of war, ground vehicles, submersibles and others. At this point in 2021, all of the USML categories have been rewritten, including even the firearms categories I, II and III. But the devil is always in the details, and determining which of your items made the transition can be difficult. And what happens afterwards, will you still have licensing issues? Will they be easier or more complex? What about the brokering redefinition, does that affect your operations? What is your company liability in all of these changes, do you have greater exposure?
Day One:
A thorough review of your company processes and procedures. Includes meeting with HR, IT, Shipping & Receiving, and other business areas.
Day Two:
Customized training incorporating lessons learned from Day One.
One-day On-Site Training
Covers general ITAR/Commerce information.
Addresses industry/client-specific issues.
Unlimited number of attendees, very cost-effective.
Intranet-based Continuing Education
Sample-site access available so you can visualize how it all works — ask us about it.
HTML can be hosted on our servers or transferred to yours.
Proven system features resource materials customized for you.
Study guides and testing — all confidentially online.
Tests are automatically graded, date/time-stamped, and sent to a cumulative record accessible only to your empowered officials.
Study materials and tests can be updated & tailored as you see fit.
Perfect both for new employees and for the required annual refresher training.